Dinesh Singhal candidate for Justice First Court of Appeals Place 3 Houston Texas 1st Court

Fair & impartial judges matter

Most Texans will be focusing on the campaign for President of the United States in the 2020 elections. However, before the November election, the 2020 March primaries present Texas voters with decisions that may be just as important at the state and local level as the election of the President: the nomination of state judicial candidates. Citizens can significantly enhance the administration of justice by electing fair and impartial judges. Our state judges make critical decisions that directly impact life and liberty. As a Justice on the First Court of Appeals, I will never allow injustice to evade my pen. I will review trial court judgments to ensure that the state civil, criminal, and family courts protect your rights and afford due process to all. Our courts exist to guarantee fair and impartial justice for everyone, regardless of means or influence.

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